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WS Ultimate Whitewall Kleener

WS Ultimate Whitewall Kleener

Automotive - Whitewall Tire Kleener & Conditioner

The deepest clean available for your toughest whitewalls.  Our anti-static formula resists dust keeping tires cleaner longer.  Conditions tires as it cleans.  Can be used on any tire with same great results.
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WS Ultimate Whitewall Kleener

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The deepest clean available for your toughest whitewalls - No harsh chemicals or silicone. Cleans & conditions tires with anti-static property that eliminates browning. Can be use on all tires- Cuts cleaning time dramatically!

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Usage Instructions & Guidelines

Spray on, allow to sit for a few seconds, then wipe clean with a COTTON RAG- Clean both black and white w/o bleeding. Clean black first then go back and clean your white-