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Assure Rubber Roller Cleaner #15120

Assure Rubber Roller Cleaner #15120

Pressroom chemicals - Pacific Products

A must for every pressroom!  This is a water-based product with a neutral pH but will out clean any wash on the market. 

Works best on rubber roller but can be used on metal rollers as well.  It deep cleans all rollers and removes hardened ink and stains.  It does an excellent job of deglazing rollers.

Assure is nonabrasive, so it is compatible with all presses-

Great for color changes, especially dark to light

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Assure Rubber Roller Cleaner #15120

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Easy to apply after your first washup
Spread or spray on and wipe clean
Repeat if necessary
Can be used when press is idling.
Flush with any way or water