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Soft Touch - Hand Kleener

Soft Touch - Hand Kleener

VIP Collection - Waterless Hand Kleener, Crafter & Gardner

If you are a serious rubber stamper, you have come to the realization that nothing blends colors quite like your fingers. On any given day, you may use paints, inks, pencils, crayons, chalks, metallic waxes, or all of the above~ Whatever whim hits you. At the the end of the day, do you look like you have run into a rainbow? Soft Touch is a must for you!

This rose scented cleaner, is gentle enough to be used every day, yet highly effective in cleaning you "layered" hands. Designed for the pro's but available to every stamper. 

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Soft Touch - Hand Kleener

Product Information

Product Overview

Hand cleaner and conditioner for the crafter's or gardener's hands. Gentle yet effective

Health & Safety Information

Environmentally safe, water based product

Usage Instructions & Guidelines

Can be used by crafters and gardeners to protect hands before beginning work or to clean after a days work.