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Super Kleen Concentrate

Super Kleen Concentrate

Multipurpose - Multipurpose Kleener

Great Multi-purpose Kleener

Dilute to make a fantastic glass kleener and quick detailer for your car's paint.  Will remove bugs with ease from your paint/windshield.  Excellent for kleening spots/carpet-   Will also remove oil and grime from stainless steel stoves.

Mix 1tbsp/qt or 2oz to gallon for finished product.  Economical to use!

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Super Kleen Concentrate

Product Information

Product Overview

Fantastic multi-purpose cleaner for paint, glass, bugs, carpets, stainless steel appliances as well as tile flooring. Will also remove blood and oils from clothing. Eco-friendly and economical. Less than 50 cent per finished qt to use.

Health & Safety Information

Usage Instructions & Guidelines

Concentrate will need to be mixed at
1tbsp/qt or 2oz to gallon for finished product-
Carpet and bug removal require 2oz/qt water-
Environmentally safe and economical.
One quart of product will make 64 quarts or 16 gallons of finished product.