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Easy Duz It- Stamp Kleener

Easy Duz It- Stamp Kleener

VIP Collection - Stamp Kleener, water based

Easy Duz It is an environmentally friendly, neutral based product that contains no alcohol or solvents that can harden rubber stamps. It will remove even stubborn ink build-up from stamps with ease. For those tough cleaning jobs, stamps can be soaked in Easy Duz It. For Best Results: Clean with Easy Duz It immediately after each use. This product is effective in removing dye-based inks, pigment inks, permanent inks, metallic inks, acid-free inks, fabric inks and more from stamps.
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Easy Duz It- Stamp Kleener

Product Information

Product Overview

Stamp cleaner that is water based, containing no alcohol- Clean stamp with ease, while protecting your rubber

Health & Safety Information

Eco-friendly, water based product

Usage Instructions & Guidelines

Apply small amount of Easy Duz It directly to stamp and wipe with a cotton rag. For tougher stains, soak in Easy Duz It