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R-Best Brush Kleener

R-Best Brush Kleener

VIP Collection - Artist Brush Kleener

If you are a crafter or artist, one of you most important tools is your paint brush. You may have many of them for a variety of uses. You oldest ones may be used for moving glue, while your expensive sables are used for delicate work only. Cleaning is vital... as your brushes are you most important asset, thus, you are probably unwilling to leave their care to just any cleaner. We have an answer for you! A gentle, yet effective cleaner that will remove pain and residue from your brushes, without harming the bristles of even you most priceless tool. You'll be amazed at the results if this gentle cleaner! A must for any brush owner.
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R-Best Brush Kleener

Product Information

Product Overview

Fantastic brush cleaner, non solvent brush cleaner, works on dried on acrylic paint as well. Soak over night then rinse.

Health & Safety Information

Water-based, environmentally safe product

Usage Instructions & Guidelines

Can be used on all brushes, from artist sables to large brushes for murals- Dip and work into bristles. Rinse with water, remove excess, reshape & dry flat